Sami-Sabinsa Europe will feature new and popular products as well as host an event at the Vitafoods Europe tradeshow to be held 05 - 07 October, 2021 in Palexpo, Geneva.

On October 06, 2021 at 19:00 hours Sami-Sabinsa will host a seminar followed by dinner for clients at the Hilton Geneva Hotel and Conference Center, wherein Dr. Kalyanam Nagabhushanam, President (R&D), Sami-Sabinsa, will speak on ingredients Cirpusins®, Nigellin®, and Sabroxy®. Dr. Umar Jan, Sabinsa EU President, will discuss current market trends and innovations.

Featured products include:
Cirpusins® nutgrass root (Cyperus rotundus,) standardized to contain 5% stilbenes, supports a healthy body mass index.

Nigellin® is a product enriched with thymoquinone and thymohydroquinone, isolated from the seeds of Nigella sativa, which is commonly known as black cumin seed. Nigellin® is formulated to enhance the many therapeutic benefits of black cumin seeds.

One of Sami-Sabinsa’s newest products, Sabroxy®, is formulated from the bark of Oroxylum indicum and standardized for important ingredients like oroxylin A, baicalein and chrysin. This patented composition supports good cognitive and mental health.

Sami-Sabinsa personnel, including new staff members from the recently opened satellite offices in Spain, UK, and Hungary, will be available in stand # B80 to discuss these products and more throughout the show.

“We are all very much looking forward to again engaging with our customers and colleagues in person at VitaFoods Europe,” said Dr. Jan.